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Species of Long Island Sound

Striped Bass: Minimum size limit: 28 inches. 1 fish per angler.
These are the Long Island Sound’s prized catch. Reaching weight upwards of 40+ lbs, they don’t call them slobs for nothing!!!

Bluefish: No size limit. 10 fish per angler.
These toothy critters are always on the hunt. Known for their viscous attitude and great fight, they can be caught putting a bait down on the bottom or sight casting to them on top water during a bluefish blitz.

Summer Flounder (Fluke): Season open May 17th - September 21st. Minimum size limit: 18 inches. 5 fish per angler.
These bottom dwellers pack a great fight on light tackle! The kids really get a kick out of these guys. They also provide nice white fillets that you often see in your local super markets known as “filet of sole.”

Black Sea Bass: Open season June 21st - December 31st. Minimum size limit: 14 inches. 8 fish per angler.
These are highly sought after fish for their delicious white filets and beautiful bright blue colors. One of the tastiest fish in Long Island Sound.

Scup (Porgy): Minimum length 10 inches. Open season May 1st - December 31st. 30 fish per angler.
These bottom dwellers stick together in schools near rock piles and other structures. They are great fun to catch especially for the kids. However, you better be ready to set the hook because they will steal your bait in a split second! They also make great table fare.

Tautog (Blackfish): Minimum length: 16 inches. Open season October 10th - December 6th. 4 fish per angler.
These crab eaters are known for their goofy looking teeth and pound for pound best fight! You have to be on your toes with these guys because they will take your bait and pull you into their rocky holes. They make an excellent table fare!

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July 20, 2022

The Scup grounds didn’t disappoint these new anglers today. Brought home a bunch for the table!! Great job!!!
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